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shaun peden In the impossibly glutted arena of metal few bands really try to push themselves into an artistic vision. Concentric have never pandered to classic metal tropes in any respect. These days there are more groups trying but for my money Concentric have been able to merge emotional connection and music into a package that appeals to restless minds. Favorite track: Denial.
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In a continued effort to push the boundaries of instrumental music, Concentric follows the success of Immeasurable in their second release, a concept album entitled V. Where Immeasurable defined Concentric as a progressive acoustic instrumental band that was difficult to categorize, V showcases the band further reaching beyond the limits of what the band had previously defined for itself while at the same time depicting a more matured understanding of their songwriting craft. Abandoning their strictly acoustic approach, V displays Concentric pulling from multiple facets of the sonic spectrum to give each movement its own identity while also contributing to the album as a piece of art meant to be heard in its entirety. V is an instrumental interpretation of the Five Stages of Grief as defined by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, which is a difficult task to fully achieve without lyrical aid, yet Concentric manages to give each theme a unique portrait that engages the listener to feel the emotions invested in each stage. Musical themes reoccur throughout the record, yet each time they are altered by the stage represented, giving the piece a linear direction that is highly rewarding upon the record’s conclusion. Concentric has always attempted to give the emotional aspect of the human condition an aural representation of the complexities felt, and V is the culmination of that approach: it is an uncompromising challenge when it needs to be, as the technical skills of the band are far beyond those that created the sounds on Immeasurable, yet when the mood of the record deems it necessary, it relies on single melodies to illustrate the theme of each track. Concentric has always displayed a confidence in their sound that few progressive bands achieve, but throughout V, they introduce an element of humanity to the genre that transcends its often alienating bounds.


released June 10, 2012



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Concentric Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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